TILE Installer

About us

It is good to be able to go back to a place, point at a tile installation and say “We installed this 10, 15, 20 years ago”. Not many items in a home can last as long as stone, porcelain or ceramic. Part of the reason we like tile so much is because it feels permanent. We use high quality mortars, grouts, trowels, saws, everything.. so that the work we install will last as long as possible. That gives us pride.

Our Vision

Kubik House exists to craft a more perfect place for people to live.

Our mission

To be the best tile contracting service you have ever worked with.

Our Niche

We take away the difficulty, risk, and worry of complex tile installations.

Our Employee Core Values

GROW: Be a self starter. Know what you want, be going somewhere, have a plan to get there and work it out. It is you today vs you yesterday.
ACCOUNTABLE: Be Honest, Have Integrity, and Show Respect. Own and take care of his/her own responsibilities.
OBSERVANT: Outstanding attention to detail. Be aware of the little things.
BE COOL: Brings positive and constructive attitude to team.
GIVE: We all need each other. Help each other. If a teammate can learn from you, it is your responsibility to share your skill and grow their abilities.

Our origins

Hi there! This is Christopher of Kubik House, your local premier installer of Gauged Porcelain Tile Panels, or Super Format tile. This is just a quick background about how Kubik House got started and what we do.